I am Peter Vandendriessche, saxophone player, living in Belgium since 57 years. I am a Jazz musician & music teacher and father of 2, grandfather of 1!

Thank you:
Hans Wuestenberg @
PMS Tienen
Jonas Lange (D) @
DPA microphones @
Amptec Belgium
Gerhard @
MagicReeds and Benz Reeds
Etienne Verschueren and Steve Houben, the most fantastic players I have ever met, for their huge influence on my life!!

My gear:
YAS01 & YAS81Z + Yamaha Silver Neck V1
Alto Sax Meyer 5
Soprano Meyer 7
Benz reeds: nothing is better really
YCL 40 Years special edition Europe
DPA microphones (Amptec) 4099
AKG Pro wireless system
Yamaha Sound Systems
My wish list: my alto without high f#
My ‘other’ gear:
Apple iMac 27” i7
Apple Macbook
iPad IV
iWtach 4 and Junghans Max Bill Auto
iPod Touch 5G
Sony a7r (+lenses)
Leica D-Lux 6
iPhone X
Spark DJI drone
Kalkhof E-bike
Cambridge Audio Stereo = Wim Verstraeten Cube speakers
Denon LP player
Mojo DA converter
Fluïd wood Nighthawk Headphone
All Bose noise canceling products

My ...
... hero’s: Michael Brecker, Arvo Pärt, Take 6, Bob Mintzer, Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays, Torsten Goods, Cannonball, Phil Woods, Peter Erskine, Steve Gadd, Herbie Hankock, Paul Desmond, Till Brönner, Steve Houben, Tars Lootens, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawkings, Frank De Winne, Vivaldi - Beethoven - Mozart, ...
... perfect holiday: Toscany, Italy (with my iPad and free wifi)
... passion: astronomy & maths, all Apple gear, Sony A7r photo camera
... hobbies: cooking with my mates, movies, weekend on holiday, my Mac, skiing with friends, ...
... not interested: religion, football, weather, men, lyrics, astrology, Picasso art, …
... and I am a time freak

Nicest people: my family
Nicest place to be: Italy (winter AND summer); Japan
Nicest food: Italian & Japanese
Nicest spare time: movies, sciences, cooking, astronomy, photography, …
Keep people away from: extremism, alcohol, drugs, violence, bad music, smoking, …

My most recent purchases in CD's is shown in this picture. Sibelius and Paul Desmond, tons of influnces here, Yellowjackets and Geistliche Chorwerke, a lot of common idea's. Would these people know (yes, they do)?
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